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Course Description

Linux System Administration I is the first course for LPI  certification tracks. This course is ideal for individuals who have never used Linux or UNIX, and who have no prior command line experience in any other operating system.

You are taught the basics of RedHat and Debian-based Linux environments. The course prepares you for your future role as an  LPI System Administrator.


User-level experience with any computer system, use of menus, use of any graphical user interface.


Linux System Administrator I  can be productive in using and customizing a RedHat-based (CentOS, Fedora) and Debian-based (Ubuntu) Linux system for common command line processes and desktop productivity roles.


Users who are new to Linux and have no prior UNIX or command line skills, who want to develop and practice the basic skills to use and control their own RedHat and Debian  Linux system.

Course Outline

  •  Install Linux (RedHat-based or Debian based systems), making appropriate choices for disk partitioning.
  • Boot the system, change run levels, shutdown and reboot.
  • Working at the shell command prompt.
  • Installing and Managing packages using both RedHat and Debian tools.
  • Manage, find, copy, delete, archive and compress files and directories.
  • Process text streams using pipes, fiters and redirection.
  • Manage processes and modify process execution priorities.
  • Search text files with regular expressions and edit files with vi.
  • Create partitions and filesystems, and maintain their integrity.
  • Control file access permissions.

 Certification Exam

  • LPIC 101 Linux System Administration I Exam.
  • LPIC 101 Certification Exam fees is $120.  The payment must be done 2 weeks before the exam date.