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Course Description

Linux System Administration II focuses on skills in systems administration on RedHat-based Linux systems, to a level where you can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network. This course provides intensive hands-on training on RedHat Enterprise Linux.


Passing LPIC 101 Linux System Administration I Exam


Upon successful completion of this course, students will possess basic Linux system administrator knowledge which can be proved by passing the LPIC 102 Exam. The exam tests actual ability to install, configure, and attach a new RedHat-based Linux system to an existing production network.


Linux or UNIX users who understand the basics of Red Hat Linux and desire further technical training to begin the process of becoming a system administrator.

Course Outline

  • Customise the shell and write simple shell scripts
  • Query databases and manipulate data using SQL
  • Install and Configure the X  server and set up a display manager.
  • Manage user accounts and groups.
  • Schedule jobs at regular intervals using cron.
  • Localise the system for a language other than English.
  • Keep your system clock correct.
  • Manage printers and printing.
  • Understand IP networking and set up a basic network configuration.
  • Maintain host security and enable secure login with ssh.

Certification Exam

  • LPIC 102 Linux System Administration II Exam
  • LPIC 102 Certification Exam fees  is $120.